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Reviews and Testimonials

Dine a Chook customer feedback and testimonials

At Dine A Chook UK we take product feedback very seriously. Our aim is to provide you with an unbeatable service and a product that will last a lifetime. 


Below are just some of the comments we've received on our products

There are more product reviews available for individual Feeders and Drinkers on our product pages.


Natalie - Yarra NSW

I bought the 3 1/2litre feeder & 4 litre water set& a extra individual water&feeder.I am 53years old I've been around chooks since i was 2 years old i can honestly say nothing beats these products .Not wind nor rain nor bird or mouse. The 8 chooks are happy the foods all theirs , I'm happy the 2 water and feeders last them a week .A lot less work 4 me & more money left in my wallet ,best products ever.


Anonymous - 5 star product!

The chook feeder is fantastic and all of my chooks are now using it. I have five different breeds from a Silkie to an Australorp and all have learnt how to feed from it successfully without the mess of usual feeders. My feed bill has halved and rodents are now a thing of the past because of it's clever design.



Anonymous - The rats don't like it but we love it!

These have been a lifesaver in our family. Being a busy family it is not always possible to get up the back to check food & water supplies daily. This problem is made worse if you wait for designated children to do these jobs!! Anyway this product is brilliant - we never run out of food or water & the food last so much longer because there is not one sceric of waste - nothing! The rats don't like but we love it. Thank you saving our chooks (from starvation) & my kids (from guilt at knowing they may have lead to the slow demise of our chooks).


Kerry, Adelaide - I love the feeder and drinker!

I decided I should have purchased the feeder and water set – I was so taken on the quality and performance of the feeder. I purchased the the cup style drinker. At first I thought the chooks may have trouble operating it, but they also learned very quickly. It is fantastic as it is mounted right next to the feeder. They then have it on hand whenever they need a drink. I have put the both of them outside in their run where they spend most of the time (near their gate, where they wait to be let out!!). I find the Wet-a-Chook is excellent – no algae build up, lots of clean, fresh water. Make sure it is mounted not too low, as chooks can scratch up dirt into the cup. As a backup in the shed for at night, I have another high volume waterer. It is a good idea to have lots of water available.



Anonymous - Long-lasting products!

Thanks to everyone at Dine-a-chook for a great product and excellent service. I purchased the Feeder / Drinker package a few months ago. It took approximately 10 minutes to install and the chooks worked out how to use them within a few hours.  I (and the chooks) loved the product so much that I bought another Feeder / Drinker package to install in the coop. The new mounting bracket system is a great idea and makes them very easy to remove for cleaning.  Both my my feeders are in the weather and I no longer have issues with wild birds or rain getting into the feed. With the quality of these feeders I doubt they will ever need replacing.


Anonymous - Awesome customer service!

Fantastic products. No more need to check 2-3 times a day that my chicks have plenty food and water and more importantly the crows can't get it so the feed lasts double the time and is clean. The water doesn't get knocked over or full of poop. I can leave them in the run for 2 days and know they are fed and watered even when I'm out for the night. Brilliant.

Note I like to wait for few weeks or months before I give a review so that its honest

The only down side is only one bird can use each at one time and the water can freeze in container in cold weather. But apart from that which are minor they are the best things since sliced bread.....

The company have been great. I dropped the water one and broke the drinker at the bottom and the company replaced this without trouble.

Kelly - Deter pigeons, sparrows and pest birds!

Hello Ryan 

I just wanted to let you know that I did go ahead and purchase your feeder, and it has worked very well with sparrows.

I did speak to you on the phone about the need for it to deter sparrows as well and you told me about adding the fishing line if needed, but that has not been required at all. The minute we put your feeder up the entire wild bird population (rosellas, saturn bower birds, currawongs and sparrows) vanished overnight....brilliant!   

I would strongly encourage you to advertise on your website that your feeder deters sparrows as well. Perhaps you have only sold to two people (now 3) who had sparrow problems because your site does not indicate your feeder deters them? I know I almost skipped over your site when looking for a feeder because it did not state it stopped sparrows when other sites did.

Thanks for your feeder, it was very reasonably priced and well worth the money spent. I also really like that it was a creative idea by a backyard Australian, and has stayed Australian Made, Australian owned.