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Are Brown Eggs Better?

Posted by Ryan - Dine A Chook UK on

Eggs vary with different shades as well as colours. Some are bright white; others have a more creamy shell, some are brown in colour. With all the variations, there can be confusion. This leaves people questioning, Are Brown Eggs Better? So we'd like to set the record straight on Brown vs White eggs.

Are brown eggs better for you?

The simple answer from what we have researched is no. The reason behind the shell colour difference is the hen's ear lobe colour. Hens which have white earlobes lay white eggs. Seriously. The link in the eggshell colour is the colour of the chicken earlobe. Chickens with brown or red earlobes lay brown eggs. So in respect to are brown eggs better, the shells have nothing to do with quality or health benefit.

There is no linkage between the eggshell colour and the nutritional value. So don't judge a book by its cover. Brown and White eggs are the same.

Why do brown eggs cost more?

Brown eggs usually come from larger chicken breeds. Large hens cost more in feed and keep. So essentially it requires more to produce brown eggs.

Do brown eggs taste better?

While some people prefer brown eggs to white, it could be contested there is no difference in taste. To get the most flavour from coop eggs regardless of the colour, chickens should eat:

  • A balanced nutritional pellet mix (not scratch seed mix)
  • A variety of healthy scrap treats one or two days a week. Only small amounts they can consume within 15 minutes.
  • Additional protein snacks such as all mealworms. 

Are brown eggs better for you

Are brown eggs healthier?

White eggs and brown eggs under the magnifying glass seem to have the same value nutritionally.

Is a brown egg organic?

No. Organic is related to the feed and nothing to do with the colour of the eggshell. To be called organic it means the feed has been grown in strict conditions. Generally and mostly grown without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and also fertilisers. In so far as eggs are concerned, the fewer chemicals in the feed, the less we consume in the egg.

Are brown eggs better to bake with?

This comes down to personal preference. Some people insist they may taste better when compared to white eggs. It would be fascinating to do blind testing on a large number of people to see if anyone could tell them apart.

Regardless of what egg you choose for your cooking or baking, they are packed full of goodness. The old 1960's myth of being full of bad cholesterol was disproved decades ago. Eggs are a healthy, low fat, nutritious additional to so many things.

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