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What is A Chicken Tractor?

Posted by Dine A Chook UK on

Think of a Safe, Mobile Home for your Chickens.

A Chicken Tractor is a moveable chicken coop. Some are basic light weight Timber Coops which can be easier moved by two people. Chicken Tractors come in many sizes, and most have wheels to make them easy to move. Because of their size and mobility they are particularly good for keeping chickens in small backyards and rental houses. They can also be used in the vegie garden, moving chickens around to clean up and fertilise different beds.

Why would you want a Chicken Tractor?

Benefits of a moveable chicken coop:

  • They take up less space than a standard coop
  • Chickens have regular access to fresh greens and bugs, meaning healthier birds and better eggs
  • No more bare patches in the yard!
  • Chickens can be moved around to eat weeds or fertilise the soil, even in gardens
  • Moving the coop can prevent birds from getting parasites like mites, lice and worms
  • Chicken tractors are perfect for rental houses

If you have a standard chicken coop, a chicken tractor can still be a useful addition. You can use a chicken tractor to give your chickens a change of scenery, as a brood box, as a hospital coop or when introducing new chickens to the flock. Large chicken tractors are becoming increasingly common in commercial free-range egg and pastured chicken operations.